• How To Choose the Perfect Wetsuit

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    • Different Types of Wetsuits
    • Wetsuit Thickness
    • Wetsuit Zippers
    • Wetsuits Features
    • Wetsuit Materials
    • Wetsuit Paneling & Seams
    • Wetsuit vs Swimming Wetsuit
  • The Ultimate Wetsuit Thickness Guide

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    • Wetsuit Thickness & Temperature Guide
    • Activity Level & Wetsuit Thickness
    • Other Factors to Consider
  • How To Wash, Clean and Care for Your Wetsuit

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    • Wetsuit Basic Care
    • Washing Your Wetsuit
    • Cleaning Your Wetsuit Boots
    • How To Dry Your Wetsuit
    • Wetsuit Storage
    • Things To Avoid
    • Wetsuit Lifespan
  • The Definitive Wetsuit Repair Guide

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    • What Can Be Repaired?
    • Wetsuit Repair Preparation
    • Patch and Sew a Wetsuit
    • Wetsuit Repair Kit
    • Big Rip Repair
    • Wetsuit Zipper Repair
  • Rashguards: Everything You Need To Know

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    • What’s a Rashguard
    • When To Wear a Rashguard
    • What Are Rashguards Made Of
    • Rashguard UV Sun Protection
    • What To Wear With a Rashguard
  • The Ultimate Guide to Boardshorts and Swimwear

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    • Boardshorts vs Swim Trunks
    • What Are Boardshorts
    • How To Wear Boardshorts
    • Compression Shorts
    • Board Shorts Care
    • Swim Trunks Size
    • How To Wash Swim Trunks
  • Surf FAQs: Wetsuits, Boardshorts, Rashguards

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    • Wetsuit Types
    • Zipper Types
    • Seam Types
    • Boardshorts vs. Trunks
    • What To Wear Under Wetsuit
    • Purpose of a Rashguard
    • Wetsuit for Cold Water
    • Wetsuit for Warm Water
    • Washing a Wetsuit
    • Drying a Wetsuit
    • Washer & Dryer Use
    • Wetsuit Repair
  • What To Pack for a Surf Trip

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    • Essentials for Any Surf Trip
    • Warm Water Packing List
    • Cold Water Packing List